– Human;
– Customized;
– Biogeometric;
– Sustainable;
– Ecological;
– Bio-habitable;
– Contemporary.

What is Integrative Architecture?
«” Integrative Architecture “is synonymous with an” Architecture Healthy”; is healthy for those who live in it, but also to Planet Earth and all its inhabitants; is integrative, because it integrates sciences of ancestral origin (geobiology, biogeometry) in contemporary architecture. It integrates in best of two worlds, the past and the present, to better build the future.”
In “Uma casa mais saudável, uma família mais feliz” de Marcelina Guimarães and Miguel Fernandes

Healthy Habitat uses Integrative Architecture to design healthy buildings that privilege the resources and materials that nature offers us.

Why Integrative Architecture with Habitat Healthy?
Because in addition to the different phases inherent in a architecture and its legalization:

  • We conduct a Geo-Environmental Health Study and Feng Shui of the land where the property will be built, determining the best location for the implementation of the property and other conditions of the project;
  • We developed the project according to principles of Biogeometry (golden ratio, gold number, etc.);
  • We implemented Biohabitability criteria: in the choice of sustainable and sustainable building materials, that is, natural and free of toxic compounds (eg paints natural), in the realization of a biocompatible electric project and in the spatial organization that prioritizes long-term permanence, among others.


Healthy spaces produce happy and productive collaborators.

If you are thinking about remodeling your business or building a root system, opt for a healthy and ecological space.

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The long awaited moment has come to build your dreams. It is in this house that you want to be happy and live many years in the company of your family. And to be happy, our grandparents, “what it takes is health.”

A house with an ecological building, without materials toxic substances, in a place without electromagnetic contamination or harmful gases. A house with a good air quality, with thermal and acoustic comfort and good natural lighting and artificial. A Healthy Home for a Family Too
healthy and happy.

This house can be yours. And it does not have to cost a lot of money take a long time to build. Contact us and know like or ask us for a previous quote.