Straw Construction

Environmentalists and concerned about the impact of construction on the environment, the couple requesting, along with Habitat Saudável®, saw the construction with panels of pressed straw, the best option to respond to their housing needs. The rapidity and ease of construction, durability, stability, resistance to fire (the pressed straw did not have enough oxygen to burn with ease), besides being a 100% ecological and natural material contributed to this decision.

In addition to sustainable and environmentally friendly construction, all design options prioritize the health and well-being of the residents in a judicious choice of more natural building materials with low emission of toxic chemical compounds. All additional care is planned so that it is a radon-free dwelling and protected from possible sources of electromagnetic contamination.

The construction was carried out in panels of pressed straw inside a structure of treated Nordic pine. Said panels are made in the factory where the straw is pressed in a hydraulic machine with a new technology suitable for the straw press in the wooden frame, with a force of 2000 kg / m2. This manufacturing method ensures that there is not enough oxygen for the straw to burn easily. Already in site the panels are screwed together, ensuring the stability of the structure of the house.