What is Geoenvironmental Health?
Geoenvironmental Health is a technical-scientific discipline that identifies the different risk factors existing in the environment – geophysical, technological and chemical – that converge inside the buildings where we live and work.

What is Geoenvironmental Health?
If we know these risk factors we can implement measures that improve the environment in these spaces, creating healthy homes and offices.

What is a “sick house”?
It is a space that suffers from Sick Building Syndrome – that is, “a cluster of diseases caused or stimulated by air pollution in enclosed spaces,” according to the World Health Organization.

What is a healthy home or a healthy work space?
A healthy work space / home provides a healthy indoor environment that does not harm the health of its inhabitants and respects the environment as much as possible. It is, in short, a biotic space (fit for life) that contributes to the health and well-being of the people who live or work in it.

How can geoenvironmental health study help?
The study begins by understanding the characteristics of the property and the habits of its residents / users. The subsequent phases of risk detection and analysis, using specific measurement equipment, allow a final report with practical and specific improvement proposals.



Practical examples of the application of the environmental health study
Case 1

A fifty-year-old with few words and smiles contacted us with a tiny hope that was reborn when she saw an interview on television, where we mentioned some of her symptoms. Disbelief, consulted our Facebook, website and blog; read and reread all our interviews, and finally contacted us. Already he knew that the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which had been diagnosed, is something recurrent in the world of geobiology.

With a disabling illness and medicated several years ago, this lady has seen her personal, social and professional life collapse. He consulted several doctors and performed various alternative treatments to the so-called conventional medicine, but the symptoms remained unchanged.

She woke up, often, more tired than when she lay down, for the muscular and articular pains that ran all over her did not let her sleep. This lady lived in deep exhaustion with frequent migraines and lack of energy and concentration.

Carrying out simple daily tasks such as bathing, shopping, cooking or cleaning and tidying up your own home has turned into great daily hardship and a source of frustration.

Already in loco we found that our client slept, or tried to sleep, completely immersed in artificial radiations with varied sources. Coming from the outside, more precisely from a mobile phone antenna located about 100 meters from the balcony of your room, we detect high levels of high frequency electromagnetic fields. Inside, the bedside table was filled with electrical and electronic equipment connected to an outlet within a few centimeters of the bed: a radio alarm clock, a lamp and a mobile phone charger (connected and without a mobile phone), all connected to a triple plug inserted in the power plug. As for the wall adjoining the head of the bed, it had also featured intense electric fields from the old wiring harnesses and their ungrounded sockets, so common in ancient buildings.

A few months after the installation of an automatic electric disconnect, a correct grounding of the electric fields in the sockets and the installation of a balcony anti-radiation curtain, the lady could already sleep for a few hours in a row.

The pain has subsided and your body responds to medication more effectively.

In “A healthier house, a happier family” by Marcelina Guimarães and Miguel Fernandes






Case 2

We always recommend a precautionary attitude, but of course, for this to happen, it is necessary to be well informed.

This was the added value of a couple with two children between the ages of five and seven.

Exhausted and worried, the parents report: “Many were the nights when our son entered our room, crying and asking to sleep with us.”

Knowing some of the symptoms associated with habitat pathologies, these young parents were surprised by the behavioral changes that their youngest had been demonstrating during the last half year. Time that corresponds with the change of the family to a new habitation, coincidence that disturbed them.

The little one was reluctant to bed. Even his “sleep” raised suspicions, for he always slept on the right side of the bed, from which he constantly fell.

Aware of the importance that a geobiological study has for the health of the people and, when realizing it for the children’s room, the homeowners opted for a study of the whole property. A decision that certainly avoided a number of future problems, for as we began exploring the site, we detected a stream of groundwater running through the entire left side of the child’s bed and which, surprisingly, extended to the bed of his parents.

The father, who slept in the designated place, said: “but I never had any symptoms.”

In fact, the family lived in the house only about 6 months ago. Generally, an adult does not have the same sensitivity and fragility of a child, and may even be asymptomatic (for a long time) despite the harmful effect on his health. In addition to the natural radiation source, our equipment showed very high values ​​of high-frequency electromagnetic fields coming from the neighboring apartment (wireless networks, cordless phones, etc.), entering through the wall adjoining the bedside of the couple, without asking license.

Adding natural radiations with artificial radiation at bedtime is quite dangerous. But in this case, simple, fast and effective solution.

After repositioning all the beds and painting the wall of the parents’ room with anti-radiation paint, the problems detected were solved. As simple as this!

The child never again presented fears and nocturnal insomnia, on the contrary, he went to sleep like an angel (his mother’s affectionate words) and this preventive attitude protected both father and son from possible future health problems.

In “A healthier house, a happier family” by Marcelina Guimarães and Miguel Fernandes


What companies like Twitter, Microsoft, Google or Airbnb, in addition to the millions of dollars that invoice annually? All care about the well-being of their talents, creating healthy work spaces, harmonious and innovative. What these companies soon realized is that the more happy and healthy people to feel their employees, more productive and creative. And if this is true for any person is especially important for the most such as generation Y (Millennials) or Generation Z. If your company is not yet a healthy space, contact us to know how we can help or ask us for a prior quotation already.



Do you wake up often tired? Do your children sleep badly or wake up at night? Do you feel discouraged for no apparent reason? Can not get pregnant (or have had miscarriages) and doctors do not know why?

All these symptoms may be a sign that you live in a sick home. How to make sure your home is healthy?
We help! Contact us for a non-binding meeting or ask us for a prior quotation.

And if you are thinking of buying a property or land for construction, this is the ideal time to do a geoenvironmental risk assessment and see if and how you can have a healthy property. Contact us for a non-binding meeting or ask us for a prior quotation.

“Definitely forget about the old myth of the prohibition of natural plants in the rooms and put in your room a plant that contributes to the reduction of toxic substances in the environment.”