According to the Cancer Registry (RON) of all tumors in the Portuguese resident population, the Azores have twice the incidence of tracheal, bronchial and lung tumors compared to other regions of mainland Portugal .

According to this document, the tobacco consumption in the autonomous region is considered much higher, being pointed as a potentially explaining factor of these data; however it should be noted that the high incidence of lung and airway cancer is associated with exposure to radon gas and not just tobacco consumption …

Incidentally, radon is scientifically proven as the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers and the second risk factor in smokers . In the specific case of the autonomous region of the Azores, this is extremely relevant because, geologically, the soil is predominantly basaltic, which releases a large amount of radon, as happens, for example, with soils. granitic.

However, smoking increases the risk of lung cancer as demonstrated in 2012 by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

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