Some of the most common allergies may have their origin in the home where you live. Find out how to make your home an ally of your health with Habitat Saudável.

Our home should be where we are safe, but it is not always so: I knew you could be exposed to a significant amount of allergens (such as dust, pollen, mold or pet hair) that may have a negative impact on your health?

Many of the allergic diseases that affect a significant part of the Portuguese population, such as asthma, rhinitis, dust mite allergy or pollen, may be due to the poor indoor air quality that is being breathed in our homes.

One of the main solutions for reducing allergies lies in the correct and regular cleaning and hygiene of the different spaces of your dwelling. Take special care to prevent dust accumulation inside the home by following these steps:

  1. Clean dust from different spaces in the house with damp cloths and / or a HEPA filter cleaner(
    ), which has the ability to retain very small particles / allergens. Focus on cleaning children’s sofas, armchairs, furniture and cuddly toys;
  2. Clean windows and blinds regularly, in this case opting for good tightness solutions;
  3. Whenever possible, avoid thick carpets and rugs as they are a source of dust accumulation;
  4. Opt for smooth walls with easily washable materials and avoid wallpapering;
  5. Get rid of all sorts of objects you no longer use and which are an inevitable source of dust;
  6. Clean the house with materials of natural and ecological origin, since traditional cleaning products have various chemicals in their constitution, which can sometimes cause various allergic reactions.


However, in parallel with cleaning your home, a series of everyday practices and behaviors should be implemented to minimize and / or eradicate this problem. In this context, we share 5 tips with you so that you can more easily have a home free of potential allergy outbreaks:

  • Ventilate the house daily for 5-10 minutes (preferably crossed) to renew the indoor air;
  • To prevent pollen from penetrating inside the house, choose to ventilate the housing areas opposite the prevailing wind ;
  • Avoid high relative humidity levels (control using low cost digital hygrometer);

  • In humid environments that are conducive to mold development,
    choose to paint the walls with silicate paint;
  • Favor natural light in all instances of the home.

Be sure to put our tips into practice and live in a home that is more conducive to your health and well-being.