“An occupational disease expert, lawyer, and author of the book“ Invisible, a novel about electrohypersensitivity ”, Jaume Cortés, warned that electromagnetic waves could create mutations in future generations .

Jaume Cortés assured in an interview with the Efe newspaper “ that scientific studies on electrohypersensitivity and diseases related to other chemical sensitivities led to the conclusion that“ there are electromagnetic fields that modify people’s DNA, which may create mutations in future generations ”.

Cortes warned that the possible risks of wireless technologies and electromagnetic fields could lead to the appearance of brain tumors, memory and learning sequelae, changes behavior, sleep disorders or diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s, although effects on sperm and involuntary abortions may also occur.

The expert explained that nobody is oblivious to electromagnetic radiation , since everyone is exposed to them; However, he clarified that radiation hypersensitivity arises mainly in biological phases or moments of low defenses or greater physical weakness , in relation to which the body defends itself with headaches, sweating, fainting, etc.

Regarding the legal aspect, he said that most judges and doctors do not recognize the disease because “not even the WHO catalog recognizes it as one of the diseases that can be subject to low work”.

The expert stated that part of the difficulty of diagnosing electrohypersensitivity comes from its invisibility to human eyes and because it is “impossible to know the number of people affected in Spain because they don’t even know it very often”, although such number could be around the thousands of cases.

In this sense, he regretted that the legal limits are more permissive than the values ​​considered healthy by scientists studying the pathology.

The lawyer, an expert on environmental issues, was outraged by the “lack of force of the institutions that allow the installation of antennas near homes or schools, which emit much higher waves than allowed and have a similar effect to a microwave in over the cities ”.

Cortés acknowledged that it will be difficult to coexist between electrohypersensitivity remedies and an increasingly technological world; but urged that “smart phones” or wifi receivers have indicated the risks to their use. , so that “people are aware of what they are exposing”.

The author of the novel about electrohypersensitivity, edited by the collective of lawyers “Ronda” was pessimistic about the evolution of the pathology because the radiation to which the planet Earth is exposed is exponential and as a consequence the number of people that will eventually be exponential to be affected. ”

Source: Jornal EFE (News of Miriam Barchilón)