Please read this excellent scientific article on the influence of geopathies on human health .

Remember that a Geopathy (“Geos – Earth” and “Pathos – disease”) refers to an excess, potentially harmful to health, of natural radiation that occurs in a given terrain. This excess can be caused by geological or magnetic changes and even further aggravated by artificial radiation that increasingly saturates our environment.

The combination of some or many of these factors can multiply the harmfulness of a place and the health of its user.

Generally, geopathies have a solution, but we can also neutralize radiation by staying away from them. In the case of natural radiation there are very simple solutions, such as changing the location of the bed or the workplace. In the case of artificial radiation, we should know what the focus of the radiation is and try to solve it or minimize it – for example, check the wiring, turn off the Wi-Fi at night, etc.


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