A geobiologist studies the health of buildings and checks for radiation (natural and / or artificial) that may affect the health of its inhabitants. He always works on the ground, making visits where he measures natural and artificial radiation, making an indicative map of the affected spaces, proposing measures to solve them. In this way, the geobiologist helps to improve the health status of many people by removing them from geopathogenic areas, ie areas with radiation.

In order to heal a given space, whether it is a dwelling or a workplace, a geobiologist develops three processes:

  • DETECTION: Measures radiation with specific instruments, paying particular attention to long-lived spaces, ie the spaces where we spend most hours such as the bedroom or the workplace;

  • ANALYSIS: All data obtained from the measurement of spaces is carried to a map. This map makes it possible to know which geopathogenic areas are affected by radiation (whether natural or artificial);

  • FIX: A study is presented with corrective proposals and solutions so that you can live in a healthier space. These are usually very simple solutions, such as changing the position of the bed or reviewing the electrical installation. If the radiation is more severe, multiple zone insulation / shielding is recommended.

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