When evidence (symptoms) or certain recurring health disorders make us suspect that our home may be affected by some kind of aggression related to where we rest or work. Check out the following link on our site for some of the most common symptoms and illnesses!casa-saudavel/c127p

– If you want to analyze the “Health” and its vitality of the space where you live;

– If you want to check if your bed, desk or any place where you spend a lot of hours is in a “ Good Place ” or a place that is favorable for life and therefore free of risk factors for our health;

– If you are interested in identifying and minimizing and / or eliminating the risk factors and health issues that are related to your home / workplace and surrounding area;

– If you want to make your home a comfortable, healthy and soon full of vitality house;

– If you want to choose a land to build and as such you want to define the best location for your home;

In such situations you should ask the advice of a geobiology and biohabitability expert to perform a geobiological survey of your home.

By conducting a geobiological study we can become aware of the different environmental health risk factors to which we are exposed. In this sense, we analyze the existence of zones of intense terrestrial radiation, the presence and intensity of low and high frequency electromagnetic fields, the electric fields of the domestic installation (or from abroad), the environmental radioactivity and of the building materials, as well as the presence of harmful chemical compounds.

With this analysis indicators of places, sometimes within the same dwelling, are potentially pathogenic whose prolonged use / permanence is advisable to be avoided. Conclusions are reached for the location of the most favorable areas for the long stay places (especially the rooms), ie the places where we spend an average of eight hours a day and where we will have our revitalizing sleep.

As such the aim of the “ Geobiological and Biohabitability Study ” is to highlight all the parameters that are required for a home to promote the health of its residents by following the parameters of a Healthy Housing, which entail implementing the Biohabitability criteria, ie:

  1. Surrounding Analysis of Constructed or Building Space
  2. Overall assessment of environmental risk factors (contaminating factories, airports, landfills, etc.)
  3. Natural Radiations (ionizing radiation, groundwater currents, faults, terrestrial magnetic field changes, energy grids, etc.)
  4. Absence of electrical and electromagnetic contamination inside the house (Household power grid, transformers, household appliances, High Voltage poles and lines, Mobile Antennas, Radars, Wi-Fi networks, cordless phones, etc.)
  5. Thermal and Environmental Comfort
  6. Indoor Air Quality
  7. Acoustic Comfort
  8. Light Comfort
  9. Bioclimatic Design
  10. Biocompatible Building / Decorating Materials

Remember that you are “healing” through your own habitat.