Founding Partner

Sustainable Architecture Expert Architect Coauthor of the book “Uma casa mais saudável, uma família mais feliz”

Marcelina Guimarães graduated in Architecture from the University of Minho, fulfilling a childhood dream.
An effective member of the Order of Architects, throughout his professional career as an assistant architect, he developed several architectural and urbanism projects, which did not always fit his philosophy of life and sensitivity to Planet Earth. From this perception came the desire to specialize in Biohabitality and Biogeometry and to found a company dedicated to the ecological, integrative and healthy architecture – Healthy Habitat.


Founding partner

Geoenvironmental Health Specialist Geobiologist Book co-author “Uma casa mais saudável, uma família mais feliz”

Miguel Fernandes has a degree in Geography from the University of Porto with a specialization in Hygiene, Safety and Health at Work and Postgraduate in Geoenvironmental Health from the Real University Centro Universitário Maria Cristina in Madrid.
A member of the Association of Geobiological Studies (GEA) in Spain, Miguel Fernandes is a consultant and trainer whose mission is to study and minimize the negative impact of natural radiation, environmental toxics and electromagnetic contamination inside buildings, contributing to a better quality of life. people’s lives, health and well-being.