About 50% of the population has problems with sleep, mainly insomnia and morning tiredness, due to electromagnetic radiation that changes the melatonin cycle.

Quality sleep is the biggest secret to a healthy, happy life full of energy and vitality. It is estimated, however, that about 25% of Portuguese suffer from chronic insomnia affecting women and the elderly with greater incidence. Our physical and psychological well-being depends above all on restful, quality sleep of about eight hours. It should be noted that sleep acts as a balance of mood and emotions, allowing you to regain body and memory, stimulating creativity and increasing and consolidating learning capacity.

Overweight, cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, hypertension and risk of cancer, Alzheimer’s and mental illness may be some of the consequences of those suffering from sleep-related disorders.

Ever wondered about the root causes of these sleep problems and the resulting illnesses ? There are several factors that influence the quality of our sleep, from eating, to physical or psychological problems, to daily worries, etc .; however we have forgotten the bedroom … and indeed one of the greatest allies of sleep quality is our bedroom .

Our bedroom must be understood as the “Sacred Temple” of our homes , as it is the place where we regenerate our bodies. In fact, we spend approximately one third of our life in our bedroom and specifically in our bed, sleeping, hence the importance that we should give to this space in order to enjoy a pleasant health and physical, mental and emotional well-being.

While we sleep in our room, our body performs detoxification, regeneration and repair functions according to our biological clock. Hence our focus on the room as a safe investment for our health.

Therefore, the room must have some essential characteristics to enable a restorative and restful sleep, such as:

Being dark ;

Be free from electromagnetic fields ;

Being free of natural radiation in the area where the bed is ;

Have a good quality mattress ;

Having a Healthy Furniture ;

Properly ventilate the room in the morning ;

Etc .

For all this it is essential that we prepare this place as accurately as possible.

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