Authors | Marcelina Guimarães e Miguel Fernandes

Editor | A esfera dos livros

PVP | 14.90€


Our home is our refuge, the place where we feel good and safe, and where we believe we are protected from the threats from the outside. However, we are rarely aware that among our four walls, there are several hazards that could endanger the health of our family. Uma Casa Mais Saudável, Uma Família Mais Feliz (A Healthier House, A Happier Family) alerts us to the many environmental risk factors that we are subjected to daily in our homes and in the workplace. This book presents answers, advice and practical solutions to the problems raised by electrical apparatus and installations, radiations, chemicals, building materials or even decorative elements indoors.

– At night, if you want to keep the phone close to you to use as an alarm clock, you must activate the airplane mode to avoid the radiation emitted by the device;

– Do not use the intercom in your baby’s room because it works with radio frequencies that emit such intense radiation that it can interfere in the processes of neuronal development;

– Natural light is essential for our well-being at home. Take advantage of it as best as you can and get lamps that resemble sunlight, that is, with an CIR greater than 90-95%;

– Ideally, do not use the microwave. But if you do, keep away from it as much as possible, ensuring that children stay in another space while it is in use;

– If you live near antennas or radars with high emission values, make a correct shielding of the spaces through paintings, curtains, fly screens, netting, glasses, etc.;

– There is the idea that natural plants “steal” oxygen from our homes. Nothing more wrong. Natural plants purify the air by absorbing chemicals that are very common in our homes. Put a medium-sized plant in every 10m2, especially where you spend most of the time: bedroom, living room and kitchen.

Marcelina Guimarães and Miguel Fernandes, specialists in bio-habitability and geobiology, using scientific studies to base their knowledge, present us with an innovative and essential book to make your home a healthier and happier place for you and your family.